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Amor a la salsa  Dj Angel /  en VIVO from the CLUB.  9:00pm – 12:00 am Friday’s / Viernes  612-327-1562 dj booth

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SALSA,Merengue, Y
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Jueves / Thursday
Urbano Show

Viernes / Friday
En Vivo Amor A La Salsa

Sabados /  Saturday
Urbano Flow

GalaTropical Radio es La Voz de Salud.

GalaTropical Radio is more than a pleasurable celebration of our homelands, an escape to memories through music. It is more than gaining knowledge of the historical background of the music, the songs, the writers and performers throughout our historical musical journey into this 21st century. Or to learn about the origins of our greatest beats through programming and special guests. GalaTroipical Radio is much more than an inspiration to move our bodies, sway our hips, tap our feet. To get lost in the fiesta of our minds.


DJ Angel Maldonado ha complacido a los asistentes a la fiesta durante más de 2 décadas. Su pasión por la música se nutrió de niño en su tierra natal de Puerto Rico. Desde que era un niño, Ángel solía disfrutar de la música que su hermano mayor Juan tocaba todos los días después de la escuela; Raphy Leavitt, El Gran Combo de Puerto Rico e Ismael Miranda fueron algunos de sus favoritos. Viviendo en casas lejos del gran Andy Montañez y creciendo con sus hijos, el amor de Angel por la música salsa se hizo más fuerte.



Carmen Robles

Community Engagement Strategists 

Carmen Robles is hardworking, talented & accomplished. She’s an artist, journalist, entrepreneur, and recognized Twin Cities government/community activist, writer, director, and broadcaster for Afro/Latino affairs.

Building on the capicity of families through the development of health and wellness youth advocates

Our Founder

DJ Angel Maldonado has been pleasing party-goers for over 2 decades. His passion for music was nurtured as a child in his homeland of Puerto Rico. Since he was a young boy, Angel used to enjoy the music his older brother Juan played every day after school; Raphy Leavitt, El Gran Combo de Puerto Rico and Ismael Miranda were some of his favorites. Living houses away from the great Andy Montanez and growing up with his sons, Angel’s love for salsa music became stronger.

Latino Radio Station

Twin Cities number one Latino internet radio station in the Twin Cities. Spanish free online program, with DJ Angel playing Latino music from all over the world, Salsa, Batchata, Merengue, Cumbia and more. Listen to Minnesota’s #1 Latino Radio Station playing your favorite Spanish music from all over the world

 Galatropicalradio plays
tropical successes from around the world Cuba, Puerto Rico, Colombia, Venezuela, Nicaragua, USA. and more. Join Dj Angel and Listen to the twin cities best in Salsa, Bachata y More

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