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Amor a la salsa  Dj Angel /  en VIVO from the CLUB.  9:00pm – 12:00 am Friday’s / Viernes  612-327-1562 dj booth

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GalaTropical Radio es La Voz de Salud.

GalaTropical Radio is more than a pleasurable celebration of our homelands, an escape to memories through music. It is more than gaining knowledge of the historical background of the music, the songs, the writers and performers throughout our historical musical journey into this 21st century. Or to learn about the origins of our greatest beats through programming and special guests. GalaTroipical Radio is much more than an inspiration to move our bodies, sway our hips, tap our feet. To get lost in the fiesta of our minds.

Amor a la Salsa

Viernes/Fridays Musica Salsa Dj G Spin y El Monstruo 9pm-1am


Urbano Flow

Apoyando el Talento Urbano
Con DJ Angel
Reggaeton, Dembow, Urbano

GalaTropical Radio © 2021. All rights reserved.

Galatrapical Radio© 2021. All rights reserved.